GlobalHRD is Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean’s premier human resources (HR) authority.
As a global HR leader, GlobalHRD places great emphasis on building and maintaining efficiencies within organizations— private or public— while significantly enhancing their profitability by improving efficiency, expanding productivity, increasing revenues, minimalizing waste, and reducing costs.



GlobalHRD envisions itself being the largest and most dominant authority on industrial and organizational efficiency on the planet while leaving a positive imprint on humanity.


GlobalHRD story began in 1910 with a sustainable profitability theory by scientific engineer Harrington Emerson. The Emerson theory, as it is now called, articulates that for an organization to achieve sustainable profitability, it must first be efficient before its tasks and processes can be done competently and achieve any maintainable level of escalated productivity at reduced costs. This is the most dominant approach to profitability utilized today.

This approach however, is not without its deficiencies as it frequently produces inconsistent results due to its lack of prescribed tactics that must be employed to consistently achieve efficiency.

For this reason, a group of intercontinental HR doyens in 2019 organized GlobalHRD as the premier international human resources authority, which organizations worldwide trust to provide a reliable scientific method that consistently create and enhance sustainable efficiency, productivity, and profitability for themselves, their people, systems, and culture.


GlobalHRD’s approach is based on the belief that meaningful and sustainable profitability can only be achieved when there is experience, competence, efficiency, direct communication, a thorough understanding, and mastery…in short, proven talent.

To ensure GlobalHRD solves for the right HR problem, the firm makes collaboration the hallmark of each project, immersing itself in organizations' operations, becoming the specialized extension of their core HR or management team.

Dynamic senior-level tacticians are appointed by GlobalHRD – many with 20-25 years of industry experience in senior management – to lead and complete each engagement, allowing organizations to communicate with the firm’s project team leaders on a peer-to-peer level.

After collaborating with organizations to identify the root cause of their problems, GlobalHRD’s focus moves to the development of an actionable project plan, including the detailed mapping of timelines, tasks, and milestones, which brings added value to the process by quickly identifying and resolving roadblocks, as well as ensuring that each project is successfully completed on time and on budget.

Over the duration of each project, GlobalHRD communicates frequently with key stakeholders to ensure they stay current with the project’s progress.


GlobalHRD weaves into its approach a set of commitments that allow it to leave a positive imprint on society. These commitments are to:

  • Always meet the changing HR needs of organizations
  • Enhance the talents and efficiencies of organizations
  • Increase the value of organizations' stockholders
  • Establish a solid foundation for being good corporate citizens


GlobalHRD Internal administrative management controls and support functions are those of a typical corporation, which is headed by a chief executive officer, while the consultancy side of the firm uses functional consulting hierarchy positions.

The firm uses a hybrid consulting organizational structure that competes in the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) sectors of the global HR market, utilizing three management levels: Low-level management, Middle-level management, and Top-level management. These three levels of management are reflected in the corporate and consultancy sections of the company.


Profitability starts with the quality of the GlobalHRD team, a group of specialized talent who dedicate their skills, knowledge, and expertise to enhance the efficiency, productivity and profitability of organizations. This team has in-depth knowledge of the industries of the private and public organizations they serve, recognizes the organizations’ challenges, and works hand-in-hand with them to find meaningful and sustainable HR solutions that will achieve their objectives.

The GlobalHRD team works extensively with small, mid-tier, and large organizations in delivering practical, data-driven, actionable results that have improved their profitability, productivity, and employees’ efficiency.

These tacticians are integral members of organizations’ project teams, showing true collaboration and becoming trusted managers and advisors on all things HR.



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