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In today’s highly competitive candidate-driven job market, finding and hiring the ideal, highly efficient, and extremely qualified candidate is difficult. For this reason, organizations globally make the prudent decision to utilize the executive search and recruitment services of GlobalHRD to identify and evaluate talented director, c-suite executive, junior management, specialist, and high-skilled candidates, with proven track records, who fit the style of play of their organization.


Organizations attain numerous benefits from using GlobalHRD to recruit. For example, they: 1) source, shortlist, and hire candidates faster; 2) hire a higher quality of qualified candidates; 3) maintain their professional appearance; and 4) receive new hire retention guarantees.

1. Source, shortlist, and hire candidates, faster
The hiring process (from finding prospects, receiving resumes, shortlisting, to making offers) can be overwhelming and quite time consuming for persons who must deviate from their core duties when given the additional task of hiring. Using GlobalHRD saves time with this process as they are seasoned recruitment specialist who expeditiously execute the hiring process daily and maintain a vetted candidate pool, which may already contain the organization’s ideal candidate for their open position. This is a great benefit; one that significantly shortens the recruiting cycle while providing organizations with their ideal employees quickly.

2. Hire a higher quality of qualified candidates
GlobalHRD specializes in knowing the people of its clients’ industry, their qualifications, capabilities, and background. They know who recently entered the industry, who wants to stay, and who wants to go. For this reason, organizations turn to GlobalHRD to improve their quality of hire. They have the expertise not only in finding great high quality candidates with a sense of purpose but quickly finding organizations’ ideal candidates (those who meet their requirements and possess similar cultural traits as that of the organization). This is another great benefit; one that saves organizations money and time by getting it right expeditiously the first time.

3. Maintain a professional appearance.
The team at GlobalHRD executes organizations’ assignments with extreme competence and in a highly professional manner while mirroring organizations’ image. This allows the hiring process to flow smoothly with one accord and makes organizations appear to candidates united and very professional in its reach. This is an excellent benefit. One that protects and enhances organizations’ brand.

4. Receive new hire retention guarantees.
When it comes to retaining organizations’ newly hired employees, GlobalHRD gives guarantees. GlobalHRD guarantees that their newly recruited hire will stay at the hiring organization for a period no less than three months.

Here is how it works. If a company’s new hire is terminated or leaves before the expiration of the guarantee period, GlobalHRD will find a replacement candidate at no extra charge, or if a candidate cannot be found in a reasonable timeframe, the organization will receive a full refund.

This additional security, for many organizations, is the most important benefit derived from using GlobalHRD instead of having in-house recruiters. With this guarantee, choosing GlobalHRD as the preferred recruiting provider enables organizations to recruit and retain the right talents faster and a lot cheaper.


GlobalHRD offers three kinds of recruiting solutions: 1) Director Recruitment, 2) C-Suite Executive Recruitment, and 3) Professional Management, Specialist, and High-Skilled Recruitment.

Director Recruitment Solution
The presence of a strong, independent, and effective board as well as appointing non-executive directors with diverse thinking is vital to the success of every board. GlobalHRD—having an unparalleled access to and knowledge of proven director talents with sought-after backgrounds—works with organizations (be it: public, private, private equity-backed, family-owned, start-up, or non-profit) to recruit their board’s chairperson and directors and to ensures that each board has diversity of perspective as well as a diverse blend of skills and experience that match the strategic direction of the organization.

Director Recruitment Services:

ooNetworking/Sourcing ooPersonal Interview & Vetting
ooShortlisting ooOn-Boarding (Orientation)

C-Suite Executive Recruitment Solution
Based on GlobalHRD’s deep understanding and relationship with the most sought after local and international C-suite executives, including: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and its insight into their leadership capabilities and career goals, GlobalHRD—while collaborating with its global network—identifies and engages talents who it believes are organizations’ ideal leadership candidates, possess the greatest likelihood of succeeding with the organization’s objectives, and who has the necessary proven skill-set and mental fortitude to: establish and achieve the organization’s purpose, turnaround the operation, build high-performing teams, and create a culture that fosters innovation and growth. In selecting a candidate, GlobalHRD conducts rigorous assessments of their: previous functional roles, track record, industry knowledge, abilities, judgment, and potential. In short, it combines its deep industry and functional knowledge with its proven executive search and assessment process to find for organizations, leaders who best fit their organization’s unique needs and will have a lasting impact.

C-Suite Executive Recruitment Services:

ooClient Requirements Fine-tuning ooMarket Analytic
ooNetworking/Sourcing Strategy ooScreening, Vetting, & Shortlisting
ooSelection Assistance ooRemuneration Offer Assistance
ooOn-Boarding (Orientation) ooProbationary Period Support

Professional Management, Specialist, & High-Skilled Recruitment Solution
GlobalHRD, advocating for organizations in the labor market, attracts their ideal proven talents, bringing them on board quickly to improve the organization’s efficiency and productivity with their skillset. This allows organizations to speedily onboard the world-class talents they need to efficiently execute their strategic objectives.

Professional Management, Specialist & High-Skilled Recruitment Services:

ooNeeds Analysis ooClient Requirements Fine-tuning
ooResearch ooIdentification
ooEvaluation & Vetting ooPresentation
ooSelection Assistance ooNegotiation Assistance
ooOn-Boarding (Orientation) ooProbationary Period Support



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