Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)

GlobalHRD HRO is a sustainable and cost effective way to maintain an efficient HR department or HR function.


GlobalHRD Strategic Workforce Planning Services ensure that the appropriate policies and workforce mix is available to accomplish the organization’s plan goals and objectives. This service undertakes reviews of the current organization capacity and develop strategic workforce policies and plans, including implementation and evaluation components, which support the organization in making well-informed, efficient, and cost-effective decisions about future staffing requirement and organizational structures over the next 10 – 20 years for its current employees, managers, and business units. The decisions to be taken will depend on external factors (e.g., skill availability) as well as internal factors (e.g., age of current workforce).

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In today’s highly competitive candidate-driven job market, finding and hiring the ideal, efficient, and highly qualified candidate is difficult. For this reason, organizations globally make the prudent decision to utilize the executive search and recruitment services of GlobalHRD to identify and evaluate talented director, c-suite executive, junior management, specialist, and high-skilled candidates with proven track records who fit the style of play of their organization.

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Employee Performance Appraisal (also known as an annual review, performance review or evaluation, or employee appraisal) is an objective, formal, and productive procedure employed to systematically measure and evaluate employee’s efficiency based on the execution of their job description responsibilities, the time it took less lag time, errors made, and growth over a given period compared to pre-set industry expectations and standards. It is also used to gauge the amount of value added by each employee in terms of increased business revenue in comparison to industry standards and overall employee return on investment (ROI) as well as, determine which employees have contributed the most to the organization’s growth and how to award raises and bonuses from a limited pool of allocated funds.

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Organizations go through lengthy processes to recruit and hire qualified and efficient staff, but often neglect—to the detriment of the organization—to maintain and enhance those efficiencies throughout the employee’s employment lifecycle. One of the best-known ways to correct this problem is through relevant and consistent training that also improves the organization’s efficiency, productivity, overall performance and increase profits. For this reason, GlobalHRD training and development service is committed to creating training and development programs that build individual and organizational capacity as investing in talent is vital to sustainable business growth and success.

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GlobalHRD Management and Executive Coaching and Leadership services help executives and top management maximize their personal and professional potential while refining their leadership skills and developing new ones to effectively and efficiently lead their people in successfully accomplishing their objectives.

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The firm conducts comprehensive efficiency base human resource audits of organizations’ operations and practices to identify inefficiencies, effectiveness, strengths, gaps, and inadequacies in their HR functions and to assess their level of compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. With each inefficiency the audit uncovers, recommended solutions are provided to remedy the issue.

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Human Resource Outsourcing Increases Profits

GlobalHRD Steadfast Dedication To Greater Efficiency, Productivity, and Revenues Achieve Sustainable Profitability


GlobalHRD partners with organizations in helping them design, select, purchase, implement, administer, and renew their structured employee benefit strategies which work well in today’s markets and are used as competitive recruitment tools to engage employees’ interests, and effectively reduce absenteeism, disability, and chronic illness while providing a substantial return in productivity and efficiency.

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GlobalHRD works with organizations in providing labour relations services that assist in preventing employees from becoming unionized or if they are already union-represented, work in collaboration with organizations in meeting and negotiating in good faith with employees’ union organizations to bring about a set of conditions that are conducive to the creation of good working environments, increase in productivity, and enhancement of sustainable profitability.

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Employee engagement surveys provide organizations with an in depth understanding of how their employees feel about important topics such as their level of workload, management structures, their sense of achievement, fair treatment in the workplace, management communications, job security and career path to name a few. These issues directly impact employees’ motivation and performance as well as their overall engagement with the organization.

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Organizations and their management use GlobalHRD Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) services to provide a safe working environment for themselves and all their employees. GlobalHRD OHS services including training opportunities and other programs, which improve, protect, and safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of employees, within the workplace, utilizing the relevant laws and standards that are aimed at making the workplace better for workers, customers, and all other stakeholders.

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GlobalHRD Employee Health and Wellness Services (EHWS) provide organizations’ employees and their families with voluntary comprehensive bespoke worksite health improvement, fitness, and wellness programs which offers chronic disease prevention and management activities as well as an array of wellness resources, counseling, coaching and other measures that will improve and maintain their health, energy, and productivity as well as motivate them towards healthy and active lifestyles that reduce the risk of illness and injury.

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GlobalHRD Payroll and Ancillary Services (PAS) function to expeditiously helps organizations with the management of their payroll processing and ancillary benefits as efficiently processing payroll in-house each pay period requires dedicated labour hours, appropriate software, and a thorough understanding of current tax laws and employer obligations the organization may not readily have. Payroll is a highly regulated HR function that encompasses everything from employees’ personal information to statutory requirements that has financial, legal, and public relation consequences to the organization if improperly processed.

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Through GlobalHRD Termination and Outplacement Services (TOS), organizations comply with a host of employment laws while dealing with the sensitive issues of resignation, dismissal, redundancy, early retirement, and end of fixed term contract as well as assisting departing employees with obtaining new jobs or transitioning to new careers. TOS helps both the organization and their exiting employees through their difficult departure transition in a manner which proves beneficial to all parties professionally, emotionally, and monetarily and ensures a peaceful end to their working relationship.

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GlobalHRD provides a single, robust, custom designed and integrated enterprise Human Resources Information System (HRIS) solution which cover all key areas of human resources including: employee information management, benefits management, payroll services, timekeeping, recruiting/talent acquisition, performance and talent Management, succession planning, compensation management/salary planning, learning and development, reporting, and reward and recognition. This HRIS helps organizations deliver on their strategic plan and objectives while improving, automating, and integrating processes in HR and increasing the effectiveness of the reporting and analytics of HR data which increase the capability of HR to support the advancement and alignment of organizations.

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