Labour Relations

Through collaborative partnerships, GlobalHRD guides organizations on matters concerning employer-employee relations as well as unionized employment situations, serving as negotiator in union bargaining while assisting with the attainment of mutually accepted goals and objectives, conferring in good faith, and maintaining positive, respectful, and constructive working relationships with employees and representatives of recognized employee organizations.

Utilizing an interest-based approach whenever feasible, organizations that are supported by GlobalHRD maintain collaborative relationships with their employees and their employee organizations, particularly in dealing with matters such as:

ooGrievance Handling ooMental Revolution ooEmployees’ Rights Protection
ooContract Interpretation ooMorale Boosting ooCollective Bargaining
ooIncrease Productivity oooooo oooooo


Positive relationships between employers and employees yield a contented optimistic workforce, motivated and engaged in realizing high productivity, customer satisfaction, and enhanced revenues for their organizations. These organizations experience numerous benefits from their good labour relations including:

1. High contribution to economic development of the country and organization, great increase in efficiency, and a high productivity and growth rate. When employees feel valued, they use their skills and experience to contribute to the growth of the company and country. And, when they have a positive relationship with their managers, they work efficiently giving their best efforts to ensure the success of projects.

2. Great reduction in employee turnovers as organizations provide higher wages and other attractive benefits, recognition of their employees’ skills, and work environments that improves their employees’ efficiency, morale, and motivation. Low employee turnovers also decrease the organization’s cost as it concerns recruitment, hiring, and training.

3. Retaining highly skilled and specialized employees with substantial institutional knowledge of company policies, practices, and processes who are very efficient and can provide training for new employees.

4. High productivity from engaged and motivated employees who feel empowered and appreciated.

5. Increase in revenues resulting from a happy and healthy work environment, which creates better products and services, great customer satisfaction, and an escalation in sales.

6. Reduction in conflicts through the investigating, mediating, and resolving of employees’ complaints that is instrumental in fostering good relationships with employees, creating good work environments, and increasing organizations’ productivity. Organizations with fewer conflicts have high morale, and find few difficulties in motivating employees to give their best.

7. Loyalty of employees due to the effects of a pleasant, productive, and encouraging work environment that affords organizations the ability to improve employee retention.


GlobalHRD works with organizations in providing labour relations services that assist in preventing employees from becoming unionized or if they are already union-represented employees, work in collaboration with organizations in meeting and negotiating in good faith with employees’ union organizations to bring about a set of conditions that are conducive to the creation of good working environments, increase in productivity, and enhancement of sustainable profitability.

The firm’s labour relations services include:

ooWorkplace Issue Assessment ooUnion Avoidance
ooUnion and Management Cooperation ooStrike Management
ooLabour Contract Negotiation ooLabour Relations Training
ooEmployer Employee Relations Assessment and Strategy oo



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