Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey

Employee engagement surveys provide organizations with an in depth understanding of how their employees feel about important topics such as their level of workload, management structures, their sense of achievement, fair treatment in the workplace, management communications, job security and career path to name a few. These issues directly impact employees’ motivation and performance as well as their overall engagement with the organization.

GlobalHRD designs its Employee Engagement and Satisfaction (EES) Surveys as a tool to measure workplace health and a mechanism for organization’s personnel to openly share their feedback on the working environment in their organizations as well as ways in which the organization may help increase their sense of inclusion and wellbeing in order to boost productivity as it is well established through surveys over the years that the most productive team members of an organization are those who are enthusiastic about their work, thoroughly involved in their job, take real interest in the organization, and go the extra mile in ensuring the organization’s customers are content.

Additionally, GlobalHRD EES Surveys are an accountability tool, used to assess an organization’s performance and calculate several performance indices monitored at the corporate level and reported to the organization’s Board. The firm’s EES Survey Service is a valuable source of information for management action and relevant corporate policies.


Studies leave no doubt about the link between employee engagement and business outcomes such as quality, retention, sales, productivity, customer satisfaction, and job satisfaction. The issues and factors that affect employee engagement ultimately affect the organization’s profitability and bottom line. Employee engagement benefits business performance as having an engaged workforce reduces turnover, which saves the organization thousands of dollars. Engaged employees bring passion to their tasks, raising the quality of an organization’s output.

Employees who are fully engaged will exert discretionary effort, going above and beyond the actions outlined by their job description. Engaged employees are proud, motivated to go above and beyond, committed to staying with the organization, and willing to advocate for their organization.


Employee engagement is an outcome — not a program. It is achieved by giving each employee what he needs to become a motivated advocate of the organization and its cause. By doing this, the engaged employee harnesses the full potential of the organization.

GlobalHRD Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey services include:

ooOn-boarding surveys ooEmployee exit surveys
ooMulti-rater surveys for development ooCompany culture surveys
ooRewards preferences surveys ooTotal rewards surveys
ooCustom engagement surveys and consulting ooVirtual, online focus groups
ooLinkage analysis of engagement data to outcomes ooWorkshops, training, and coaching

Whether it’s digital focus groups, pulse surveys or employee listening solutions, working in partnership with the organization’s team, GlobalHRD provides guidance that goes beyond the data — unlocking the insight needed to inform strategic decision-making and action.



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